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How do improve sound or modify design of your Grado headphones? Take a look at this Gilmore's mods It is increadible how he changed his Grado headphones. Probably in some of his project you hardly find basic model of headphones.

'Regulators for High- Performance Audio' Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2B, Part 2C and Part 3 The Walt Jung's article is highly recommended for those who think about Hi-End pramplifiers. Author explained all aspects of designing of regulators for high performance audio. If you seriously think about power supply for preamp, DAC or CD player - don't omit it!

Do need to know more about CD player? What problems are in way from laser pick-up to SPDIF socket? Read carrefuly this article 'Crash course on digital audio interfaces' on TNT Audio. The artile let you to modify your CD player more easier and with better results. Fantastic compendium of knowledge about jitter.

Do you remember time when we used those fantastic sound machines? The site about 'Reel-To-Reel machines' on angelfire website is for you. We can regret that the all fantastic devices are out of use yet but many of them are still working in many houses of realy enthusiasts. It is a just pleasure to look at these photos.

And here is something else in tape subject. 'DAT' - technical details and manuals on DAT Recorders website. Read it, next buy any such machine and enjoy the music.

...My DIY audio world...


     Maybe I am boring? Maybe I have too much free time? Maybe I cannot buy in audio shops what I want? Maybe its my hobby? Maybe I am an audio fanatic? I am sure that I want goods hand-made. I am sure I want goods in shape I had imagined myself. I am sure I want goods perfectly made. I am sure I never have had goods manufactured by 'them' for a mass. I suppose that I am individualist in audio area. I like very solidly built audio equipments: heavy, made from good materials especially from metal (aluminium, cooper, steel), correctly technically assembled, including hi-top electronic components checked before soldering, etc.

     Of course, it depends on my state-of-the-arts of my electronic and audio knowledge, my workshop tool equipments and offer of electronic market. Before I start build any audio device I was reading huge of count diy-audio articles published in internet and compared them one another. First step of designing is answer to two questions: what I want to hear from the device and how new device should be visible. I am looking on many audio manufacturers' devices to find inspiration for build my own audio device. Next step is choice of appropriate electronic circuits. And to apply any circuits to my concept of audio device I watching and analysing how similar soultions are made by prime audio manufacturers. After that I begin to collecting of electronics components. When all components will be completed I start to design pcb using Protel software. All designed pcbs are made by proffessional pcb manufacturer. After all above mentioned steps is time to soldering every circuits (sometimes I first check its by use universal pcb).At the same time I am designing all elements of housing. Next I make that housing. Finished housing is filling soldered pcbs. Finally I measure all parameters which I can do with my tools. Prize for that long work is sitting in armchair and enjoying my favourite music. In this time I am one of the most lucky man on the world.

What's going on...?

My audio system is not sophisticated now. I have two digital sources: Philips CD950 light modified CD player and Sony DTC-A8 DAT tape deck. They are suported by two small digital devices: AudioAlchemy DTI+ and AudioAlchemy DAC-in-the-box. Amplification is based on Densen BEAT B100 integrated amplifier which drives of two Wilson Audio CUB Specialities clones DIY loudspeakers named 92dB CUB by me. All audio devices are supply by 1300 Watts DIY power conditioner named CleanPower. Furthermore there are Grado SR225 headphones and many DIY cables. In close future I intend to built few extra DIY devices like: Pure HeadAmp dual mono class A headphone amplifier, new bigger CleanPower conditioner, The Preamplifier battery powered sources selector with bufferred output stage, DualMonoClass A clone of Krell KSA-50 power amplifier, DA QuattroConverter DAC based on TDA1541, CD Driver Compact Disk transport based on Philips CDM-1 mechanism. Probably somthing ones else in further future, but I do not know what and when I will do them yet.

On other sites of my.audiosite I described in details how is or how will be built each device. I hope that thanks to the site any other DIYer will try build similar devices or support me thanks his advice how to improve my audio projects. So if you are interested it do not hesitate to drop me a line and we'll talk about it. And I hope both you and me will find this discussion useful for us.

What's else on next sities

On next sities of this portal I am describing my existing system, devices made by myself, my projects which I plan to build as well as some commercial manufactured devices which I poses. The group of my DIY devices and projects are described more and more detailed than others, of course. There you can find pictures, schematics and sources of knowledge (links to related websities). If you want to give me any suggestions or opinions about my website, please will write few sentences and will send it to me. Maybe your opinion allow find me better way to improve my website more interesting and attractive for visitors.