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Some pictures and short technical data of Philips CD950 with service and user manuals.

Short description and few technical data of Sony DTC-A8 and Sony PCM-7030 with service and user manuals.

Historical shortcut about AudioAlchemy on Wiki and reviews of few devices from the factory.

Some details about Densen BEAT-100.

Some words and pictures about Wilson Audio and Stereophile's Equipment Reviews or CUB in Home Theater system.

Technical data, couple reviews and few words from factory about Grado SR225.

More about cables from Klotz and Monster and audioquest and Oelbach.

...My DIY audio world...
My Audio


Below you can find decriptions of my present audio system. But description of each made by myself devices is more detailed of course. Its contain photos, pictures, drawings, schematics, original authors' texts and links to websites which were sources of used solutions and ideas in my audio works. Somethimes they were basic knowledge to understand how some device work. Well, as I mentioned on my homepage now I listed my audio equipment as follow:

* digital sources:

- CD player Philips CD950

- DAT semi-pro deck Sony DTC-A8.

- DAT pro deck Sony PCM-7030.

* digital enhancers:

- S/PDIF Interface AudioAlchemy DTI+

- D/A Converter AudioAlchemy DAC-in-the-box.

* amplification device:

- Integrated Amplifier Densen BEAT B-100

* power conditioner:

- 1300VA Power Conditioner CleanPower

* headphones and loudspeakers:

- 2-way monitors 92dB CUB

- Headphones Grado SR225

* cables:

- audio interconnects Klotz, Monster Cable, Catharsis

- digital interconnects audioquest, Oelbach, AudioAlchemy, Sony, Bedea

- speakers cables Klotz, Eagle Cable

- power cords Olflex

More details about devices mentioned above are in next text.

Audio set

My Audio

The audio equipment is aranged like tower. They are placed on glass-aluminium frame. The frame is made of anodized Alu profiles. The frame has 4 shelves made of 10mm thick "frosted" glass. Each shelf is supported by 3 round grey rubber half-balls. Each sub-frame with glass shelf I can move up and down to fit it on suitable position. I can do it thanks to the special screwed locks on both ends of each sub-frame. They locked sub-frame on its position very firmly. Each column is equipped with 3 steel spikes on the bottom end which are "beaten" in 40mm dia Alu plates. Each round Alu plate has bottom surface covered by 2mm thick layer of cork. On the top of each column is grey plastic cap. The frame is very stiff and heavy so it easily be able to raise even heavy devices.

Below you can find some details about each device, like: photos, User Manuals, Service Manuals, schematics, brochures, etc.

CD Player Philips CD950: Typically Philips CD player uses 1-bit D/A converter and CDM-9 laser pick-up. Few years ago I wonder what to do/mod with it for improving its sound, but finally I gave up the idea - I made decision to built new CD player from scratch based on Sony CDP-222ESD with KSS-151 laser pick-up. Here is Service Manual of Philips and Service Manual of Sony with Sony's schematics: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

DAT semi-pro deck Sony DTC-A8: In past I used other Sony DAT (two DTC-690 and DTC-57ES) but DTC-A8 is much better machine with 4-motors DATM-55 rigid tape transport mechanism. Here is User Manual. and Service Manual.

DAT pro deck Sony PCM-7030: This is machine for realy strong men: heavy, multifunctional, XLR In/Out and demand solid and deep background from user. Here is Operation Manual, Service Manual and Firmware Upgrade v.5.

D/A Converter AudioAlchemy DAC-in-the-box: Absolutely cult device from absolutely cult factory. Small specialized device built as schematic shows and some mods of it.

S/PDIF Interface AudioAlchemy DTI+: The second absolutely cult device from the same cult factory. Schematic of more advanced but the same type device DTI Pro32 is here and schematic of other similar device DDE3 you can see here.

Integrated Amplifier Densen BEAT B-100: Astonishingly perfect build device - build like Hi-End but costs like Hi-Fi. What is the amplifier? Here is a one sentence from SoundStage's Review: "Well, I’m looking for affordable gear that you and I can own and enjoy in both roles, audiophile and music lover, and I think I’ve found something that does just that: the Densen Beat B-100. Look how it is built.

1300VA Power Conditioner CleanPower: Power conditioner built few years ago by me. I use it still and sometimes think about new one but the new device will be built according the same schematic with small modifications and in new housing only.

2-way monitors 92dB CUB: The loudspeakers are my PRIDE. It is nearly clone of Wilson Audio CUB Specialities driving by different X-over. I am very satisfied of their sound: lively, clear and dynamic (92dB!). I like it. I like it. I like it again.

Headphones Grado SR225: The Grado's SR series are the best headphones to listen rock music. They look like equipment used during Second World War by radiotelegraphic operators in tanks or in submarines but sounds like Motorhead or Stonewall rock bands.

Audio interconnects Klotz, Monster Cable, Catharsis: Too many cables exist on market to check everyone. I use only some of them like here.

Digital interconnects AudioQuest, Oelbach, AudioAlchemy, Sony, Bedea: Many cables but differences are almost inaudible between them.

Speakers cables Klotz, Eagle Cable: They have intake most differences in sound but experimenting with them is the most expensive.

Power cords Olflex: I use shielded 3-wires Olflex high and low power cords and have any plans to chenge them.

All cables except few digital interconnects are hand-made by me - simply DIY product.

More details from You

If you have any documents, pictures, schematics, drawings or reviews and opinions about any of above listed devices, you could send any of them to me. Maybe we will talk about it. Thanks.