Projects' Details

Inspiring devices

Do you intend build your own preamplifier or integratd amplifier? Look at this darTZeel Absolutely fantastic design of preamplifier. Built like the best Swiss watches. darTZeel is dual mono battery powered pramplifier using unparalled idea of volume and source selector control. Pure artistry.

'HeadAmp GS-1' is fantastic designed device. Why? Look at Gilmore's Headphone Amp review. Maybe you will built such music-driver for your earth. You should try it. For better life!


...My DIY audio world...


Few years ago I have planned out to build 7 audio devices to complete Hi-End system of my dream. Two of them I have finished yet. Firstly one was a clone of the Wilson Audio CUB Specialities named 92dB CUBby me. Secondary device was a power conditioner named CleanPower. In closest future will be made: dual mono pure class A headphone amplifier named Pure HeadAmp by me. Next project will be... I do not know what will be next one yet. I am sure that first will be DualMono A Class , one of five projects: The Preamplifier, DA QuattroConverter and CD Driver and something like Tape Source All of them have been more or less advanced yet.

Where find them

All projects can be easily found by clicking on one of buttons in left column titled "projects' details" on every site of my portal. There you can find very detailed descriptions about each above device and about my present system.

Improvements from You

If you know any way how to improve any of my project, please send me your suggestion.