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3200 CleanPower


Why the CleanPower was build? Because I still had nightmares what the electric line carry into my audio system. What to did? I started to digging an internet and found some articles, reading some audio forums (e.g.: DC filter) looking at photos of DIY devices and schematics. That was basement of my CleanPower project. The conditioner was build in short time because I wanted to use the device as quickly as posible. This is a reason why I have never finished the front side of its housing and now I know that I will finish it because I intend to build new CleanPower in better looks housing. The circuit will be a bit improved for higher efficiency of "AC cleaning".

How it was made

The CleanPower include: mains relays, DC trap, main RFI/EMI filter, separating EI trafo, 3 pcs toroids, 3 pcs RFI/EMI filters, 3 regulators and sockets. All is mounted directly to bottom plate of housing. The housing is made of 10 mm thick MDF covered inside by 1 mm thick Alu sheet. Cover plate is made of 1 mm thick steel sheet. The housing is painted by black mat varnish.

Basic module of the CleanPower is main DC trap with main EMI/RFI filter. AC lines is connected by solid and thick shielded 3-wire power cord fitted with big mains plug on input end and with PowerCon by Neutric plug on output. Current flows from PowerCon socket throw 2 big 20A relays to directly Power Amp socket (from first relay) and to DC Trap and main EMI/RFI filter (from second relay). From the main filter current flows to directly to Turntable socket and to first EMI/RFI sub-filter and from the sub-filter to FM Tuner/TV Set/DVD Rec sockets. From the main EMI/RFI filter current flows pararelly to 100VA EI trafo (now bypassed because it gives to high voltage on outputs: 245V) and next to 2 EMI/RFI sub-filters. Outputs of them are connected to 3 sockets: DAT Rec, CD Player and Preamp. Additionally outputs of both these sub-filters are connected to 3 small 15VA toroids. Each toroid supply one regulator: +/-16V, +/-19V and +14V. Outputs of these regulators are connected to small XLR sockets: AudioAlchemy DAC, AudioAlchemy DTI and AudioAlchemy HPA. The DC trap is equiped with Fuse Detector. There are 16A rotary switch to on-off relays and fuses too. All high voltage connections are made of Cu 4 sq mm wires. That is all. Internal connections are such simple that I made the dvice first and next drew the schematic. It is placed on left submenu.

More details and photos I publish after the CleanPower will be disconnected from my system.