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How it is built

Image 1: Block Diagram of the converter

D/A Quattro.Converter

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TDA1541 S2


Why I called it "quattro"? D/A Quattro Converter is a name of D/A converter, of course. And Quattro means that there will be four ways for digital signal. I have a few digital sources in my audio/video system: CD player, DAT Recorder, DVD recorder, TV set, TV receiver and computer. All of them are equipped with own D/A converters. But most of them have poor D/A converters which generate sound unsatisfied me. So I need separated D/A decoder build as high quality device to get good sound finally. I have a plan to build four independent D/A converters in common housing with separated power supply in other housing which will be dedicated to each of them. D/A Quattro Converter will be based on four or five types of integrated DACs: stereo CS4398, dual mono WM8742, dual mono TDA1541A and stereo AK4395 with discret and tubes I/V stages. Finally I want to get few DACs which each of them will be sounds different than other. But everytime the D/A Quattro Converter should produce top quality sound. I hope.

How it was made

D/A Quattro Converter is designed to convert digital signal from all my digital sources. As receivers will be worked 3 x CS8422 (Cirrus Logic) and 1 x AK4115 (Asahi Kasei). First CS8422 receiver will be served four S/PDIF inputs: RCA 1/BNC 1, RCA 2/BNC 2, RCA 3/Toslink 3 and RCA 4/Toslink 4. The second CS8422 receiver will be served other four S/PDIF inputs: RCA 1 /BNC 1, RCA 2 /Toslink 2, USB 3 and USB 4. The third AK4115 will be served four AES/EBU inputs: XLR 1 (110R), RCA 2/BNC 2, RCA 3/BNC 3 and RCA 4/BNC 4. As an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters will be worked 24 Bit/192kHz the SRC4192 (Burr-Brown). Outputs from SRC4192 will be switched to any of four D/A converters: stereo CS4398 (Cirrus Logic), dual mono WM8742 (Wolfson), dual mono TDA1541A (Philips) and stereo AK4395 (Asahi Kasei). To D/A converter will be switched five I/V Stages: 3 x discret and 2 x tubed. How I will made it? Maybe I connect them directly to each D/A converter without any switcher. I do not know yet. I do not know too what circuits as the switches I will use. I am still searching appropriate solution. I plan to use two HDMI inputs but I do not think about it at this moment. As World Clock will be worked JockoClocko circuit from Polish Audiostereo forum. Each modul will have dedicated voltage regulator. All rgulators will be supplied by internal common PSU (RC filters only) and external PSU (RFI/EMI Schaffner filters, trafos, diode bridges and RC filters) closed in separated housing. It would be good to design special control modul but it is faraway future. My idea is to bulid all modules (receivers with sample rate converters)on the same dimensions PCBs. Maybe I use the same idea for D/A converters too. Probably final shape of D/A Quattro Converter will change a bit.

You can expect more details about design of D/A Quattro Converter step by step according to my work. The first will be external PSU. I have prepared all schematics yet. So they will be published in short time. Please follow the work.