Projects' Details

How it is built

Inspiration 1: Esoteric VRDS Neo is probably the best CD mechanism whenever made.

Inspiration 2: Wadia 971 CD Transport is one of the transport drives by finest electronic circuit.

Inspiration 3: Naim 555 PS incredible big power supply for incredible good sound.

Image 1: Service Manual

Image 2: Schematic 1

Image 3: Schematic 2

Image 4: Schematic 3

Image 5: Schematic 4


...My DIY audio world...


Why I want to build CD Driver from scratch? Because to get good sound you need good electronics (circuit + components) + good power supply + good mechanics (laser + servo mechanism). Why Esoteric spend many hours and much money to design fantastic laser mechanism? Why the CDM-0 and the CDM-1 mechanisms designed by Philips such good working? Why Wadia and Linn design high compilcated digital circuits? Why Naim made special separated power supply dedicated to their CD player? Answer is simply: they want to get good sounding CD player. And they have achieved the goal. My idea is the same: I want to get good sounding machine. So I will design again pcb for each module of CD player from scratch, and will design few power supplies (regulators) dedicated to these modules, and will design new CNC machined laser mechanism. My base will be Sony CDP-222ESD with KSS-151A laser pick-up driven by linear engine. I hope it would be possible to build the CD Driver and get a better sound than most of commercial CD player can do.

How it was made

The CD Driver is in my head only. Beside of this I have collected many components for the device yet like nearly all ICs, nearly all transistors and many capacitors. I have just started with designing of pcb for power supplies. Also I think about housing. Probably it will be something like top-loader of Audiomeca Mephisto. I have made some drawings of the housing yet. Slowly I move forward.

Designing process of the CD Driver will be described step by step in short future. At the moment you can read some opinions about good CD mechanisms on diyAudio website.