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German database of Tonbandmaschine where are technical data and photos of many Reel-To-Reels.

Phantom Production's Vintage recording Collection shows history of Reel-To-Reel technique.

Many photos of famous naked Reel-To-Reels for DIY'ers.

Short lesson about process recording.

Ampex tape list compiled by Scott Dorsey, NASA Langley Research Center.

Studer Revox A 700 manuals, schematics, data sheets.

Stereo-Tonbandmaschine REVOX A700 technical details for owners.

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Tape recorder alignment .

Ecstasy for lovers of Technics RS-1500U

Nearly all about tape recording process.

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Tandberg database of documents.

Open-Reel Tape Recorder Museum .

Stefano Pasini's collection of tape recorders.

Ferrograph - database of manuals and datasheets in PDF.


...My DIY audio world...
Technics RS-1500 Isoloop View


There are two parallel audio worlds: turntable and Reel-To-Reel. I like mechanic. Particularly I like good precise mechanisms used in audio devices. I regret this is a go away world. But still many Reel-To-Reel machines are use in business and probably else more by enthusiats of this audio technique. This is magical feelings to observe rotating 10,5" reels. I am still dependent on the show. If you are Reel-To-Reel enthusiast you will have a time of pleasure. If you are not Reel-To-Reel enthusiast I hope you will become him. First step are behind you: you just visit this site at my audiosite.

How it was made

Here I do not describe you how it was made like in other sites of my audiosite. Simply Reel-To-Reel is type of device which use two big tape reels to produce your lovely music when they are rotating. That's all.

Look for some photos below. In top of the page you met absolutely the best looks tape path in the Reel-To-Reel world. It belongs to the Technics RS-1500U and later versions of the basic model like: RS-1506U, RS-1520U, RS-1700U, RS-1700US, RS-1800U and RS-777.
Technics RS-1500
Looking on center place between rotating reels is like nirvana. The system of tape path was called by Technics as Isoloop. All RS models have identical system of the tape path.

Next photos show other fantastic devices: the best semi-professional machine designed in the "watch-makers land" and works such smoothly like Swiss watch. This is Revox A700
Revox A 700

Here is one of the last Reel-To-Reel machine behind "digital revolution". This modern-looks machine is Teac X-2000.
Teac X-200

Reel-To-Reel machine which is the most popular in homerecording: Revox B77.
Revox B77

Unforgettable-still manufacturer and one of his machine - Ferrograph.

Below is showed not-realy-Reel-To-Reel machine but it was my first tape recorder in my life. It was 37 years ago. Together with the "machine" my music hobby has begun. I made first recordings of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbat, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and SBB songs from radio. In mono mode, of course. His name is: TK125 made by Grundig.
Grundig TK125

And on the end realy rarity: the smalest Reel-To-Reel device: Nagra SN (with cover and with reels). Increadible engineering of Mr Kudelski.
Nagra SN Set
Nagra SN