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Do you intend build your own preamplifier or integratd amplifier? Look at this darTZeel Absolutely fantastic design of preamplifier. Built like the best Swiss watches. darTZeel is dual mono battery powered pramplifier using unparalled idea of volume and source selector control. Pure artistry.

'Regulators for High- Performance Audio' Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2B, Part 2C and Part 3 The Walt Jung's article is highly recommended for those who think about Hi-End pramplifiers. Author explained all aspects of designing of regulators for high performance audio. If you seriously think about power supply for preamp, DAC or CD player - don't omit it!

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Why not?

Thinking about any of my project I continuously was reading many articles found in Internet and took part in discussions on few audio forums. So why not we could disscus here? Ways to reach the goal are more then one only, like many opinions we can meet concern this subject. More opinions = more ways to achieve expected goal. In other words it simply means sophisticated final effect.

This is the end

No, no, no! It is like a neverending story. We, audiophiles will be still finding better ways to listen better sound from finest devices. I hope you will not forget what you had read in these sities. You can think about it even "shit", not interesting me, but cannot forget what you has seen. You are free to use these ideas and designs, dissect its, and manipulate its to your heart's content. If you want to use my ideas in any other manner, drop me a line to talk about it.

Anyway, I hope you find these designs useful for ... well, something. I hope, you will can find some of my designs (after released) at the same place as you found this design, as a commercial devices in my shop, a trading website.

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If you supported me in any way on my audio website, I thank you very much for your efforts and interesting.

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